Life is what we see of it. Everything is an image, a sound, a feeling. And that is what cinema is about. What we see, what we hear, what we feel, everything put together. Have you ever had an idea, a story that you wanted to tell? And you see it. You see it right there in your mind, every image, every character, every scene and moment. If you have it, write it. If you have already written it, shoot it, make it live, make it real. To see one’s idea in a screen is a magical feeling, and that’s what this course is about. Bringing ideas to real life so we can keep them forever.

We’ll know how cinema was born, how it has evolved and the impact it has nowadays in our daily life and how does this crazy world of movies works. We would learn how to use a camera, how to capture moments, feelings, and landscapes, how to put emotion to images, and how to do our own series of artistic photographs. We’ll learn how to create our own short story and put that idea into images. We’ll shoot our own short film so then we can watch it on screen. Everybody can direct and produce a short film if they have the tools and the practice. We’ll learn techniques and grab ideas from the best of the best watching scenes from famous movies directed by geniuses so we can be our own kind of genius with images. We’ll also make a video for the webpage and bring it to Spain to be able to let the world know your faces.

I’m a cinema lover, a girl with curiosity about the world that has something to tell, and that’s why I decided to study cinematography and more specifically:
documental films. I love the world and its people
and watch their stories on screen has no price.

Everybody has something to tell. We’ll have fun so grab all your ideas, creativity, projects, images, scenes, characters and all your mind can create, put in in your pocket, bring it with you and…

Lights….. Camera….. ¡ACTION!